Smoke alarm and smoke

The Division of Fire Safety, formerly the Office of the Massachusetts State Fire Marshal, is a division of the Department of Fire Services, which is a state agency within the Executive Office of Public Safety. All units work cooperatively to preserve life and property.

Help Understanding the Regulations
The Department of Fire Services has published a guide pdf format of consumers_guide_w_sell_1_and_2_fam.pdf
to help the fire service, public and realtors understand the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm requirements when selling one- or two-family homes. Your local fire department is your best resource for the code requirements for a specific home. A recent code change is that homes built prior to 1975 must ensure that the smoke alarms not more than ten (10) years old and don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended life of service. (527 CMR 1.00:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms
Since march 2006, homes have been required to install carbon monoxide detectors on each habitable level as well.

Enforcement Upon Sale or Transfer
The enforcement of the regulation will continue to take place when the residence is sold or transferred.

Fire departments with code compliance and enforcement questions can call (978) 567-3375 or in western Massachusetts (978) 567-3813.

Telephone Numbers

Division of Fire Safety Code Compliance and Enforcement(978) 567-3375
Licensing and Permits(978) 567-3700
Fire & Explosion Investigation Section(978)567-3110
Arson Hotline(800) 682-9229
Western Mass. Office(978) 567-3813
Public Fire Safety Education Hotline(877) 9NO-FIRE