In order to be considered an approved inspector, an individual must be a registered professional engineer, licensed site professional, or hold an underground storage tank inspector certification from an independent organization, or from another state with regulations similar to Massachusetts and approved by the Marshal, or a person who through training and experience is otherwise acceptable to and approved by the Marshal.

In addition, all of the persons identified above must have attended Third Party Inspector Training provided by the Marshal.

The following is a list of companies who employ approved Third Party Underground Storage Tank Inspectors as provided for in 527 CMR 9:

Underground Storage Tank Regulations Revised

Revisions to the Underground Storage Tank provisions of the Massachusetts State Fire Code (527 CMR 9) recently took effect. The Department of Fire Services has developed a guide to these revisions that was sent to all fire chiefs in an advisory pdf format of    Updates to 527 CMR 9 - Changes to Tanks and...  . An "unofficial" copy of the regulations, 527 CMR 9 pdf format of    527009.pdf  , is available on website as well. In an effort to inform owners/operators, and third party inspectors of underground storage tanks, as well as fire departments of the changes, the Department of Fire Services will be holding informational sessions throughout the state. There is no charge for these sessions. -- (Note: Additional Third Party Inspector Informational Sessions have been added starting in September 2008.)

Below is a list of training sessions that are being offered for Third Party Inspectors: