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October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme is Prevent Kitchen Fires. Cooking is the leading cause of fires and fire injuries in the home. For more information, visit

No one thinks fire will happen to them, yet according to data from the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS), there were 31,229 fires reported in Massachusetts during 2012 causing 39 civilian deaths, 322 civilian injuries, 531 fire service injuries and an estimated $257 million in property damage. That’s why it is so important to practice good fire safety by staying in the kitchen when cooking, not overloaded electrical outlets and taking care of our heating systems. It’s also important to be prepared by installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, which give us time to escape, and to make and practice a home escape plan, so everyone will know what to do in an emergency.

DFs image Put a Lid On It

DFS has a cooking campaign with two basic messages: Stand by Your Pan and Put a Lid On It.  There is information for the public and a toolkit for fire educators.

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U. S. Fire Administration has good information on cooking fire safety.

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NFPA's Focus on Fire Prevention Week links to PDF file provides excellent information for parents, children, teachers, and firefighters to teach fire safety and prevention.

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Call 1-877-9NO-FIRE to reach the Public Education Hotline in the Division of Fire Safety.