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The State Fire Marshal and the National Fire Protection Association offer offer “b-roll” footage with sound bites hosted by YouSendIt.


» Patrick and Marci Foy, and their daughter, Olivia, were attending a family celebration in Pelham, NH, on July 3, 2012. They were among the more than dozen people injured during a consumer fireworks incident. Watch as the Foy’s give a first-hand account of their experience and the impact it continues to have on their lives.

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» State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan
» Jim Shannon, president of NFPA
» Dr. Colleen M. Ryan, Mass. General Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children – Boston
» Demonstration by the Mass. State Police Bomb Squad on the dangers of fireworks

These and additional videos available at

Additional video from the State Police Bomb Squad demonstration can be downloaded at

Press Releases

State and National Fire Officials Urge Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

State Agencies Warn Motorists Against Transporting Illegal Fireworks

Medical, Fire, Health and Law Enforcement Urge the Public to Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals
State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan asks the citizens of Massachusetts to set a good example for your children and leave the fireworks to the professionals. Enjoy the many displays of fireworks supervised by local fire departments and conducted by licensed professionals. Children imitate what they see adults do and if you use fireworks, they won’t realize how dangerous they are. Not only do sparklers burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit but they also encourage the use of matches and lighters by young children.

Listing of Supervised Fireworks Displays pdf format of    fireworks_displays.pdf  "Updated with Rain Dates"

Bomb Making Recipes Only a Click Away

Not all bomb makers are terrorists. Coan said, “Dangerous bomb making recipes are only a click away on the Internet.” Many young people without the ability to discern the danger or think through the consequences have been injured taking small firecrackers and developing significantly larger devices. In Swampscott in 2008, a youth shook an entire neighborhood repeatedly with the bombs he was making repackaging firecrackers bought at a local store. He lost several fingers in the explosion.


State Agencies Warn Motorists Against Transporting Illegal Fireworks

“While fireworks may be purchased legally in other states, it is illegal to bring them into or through Massachusetts,” said State Fire Stephen D. Coan. “The Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is helping law enforcement get the word out to the motoring public not to break the law by bringing fireworks back into or through the state,” he added.  More .

Public Service Announcements:

Illegal Fireworks
A father tells the story about how things went horribly wrong at an illegal backyard fireworks show (PSA); posted on YouTubeTM - there are no do-overs in real life.

Western MA SAFE Kids Coalition's PSA on fireworks safety mp3 format of    safe_kids_fireworks_safety.mp3

Fireworks Safety Advice from State Fire Marshal Coan wmv format of    marshal_fw_examples.wmv  file size 4MB

A 29 second PSA from the State Fire Marshal and State Police Bomb Squad on the dangers of fireworks that traces a serious fireworks injury back to where it started.

Hands Off Fireworks
2nd place winning entry in the 2010 YouTube ™ High School Burn Awareness Video Contest.

More Dangers of Fireworks Videos

For more information:

Fireworks FireFactors pdf format of    leave_fireworks_to_pros.pdf
An information sheet with statistics on fires and serious burn injuries.

Summary of the Massachusetts Fireworks Law - MGL C 148, S39 pdf format of    lawenforcement.pdf

All Fireworks Are Illegal in Massachusetts Without a License
The use of fireworks except by licensed professionals is strictly prohibited in Massachusetts which has adopted the Model Fireworks Law promoted by the National Fire Protection Association. For more information please visit the NFPA webpage on fireworks.

Division of Fire Safety – Working with Fire Departments to Ensure Safe Public Displays
Fireworks Presentation ppt format of    Fireworks – Fire Prevention Resources  - training on...  file size 25MB February, 2011
This presentation covers the basics of the Massachusetts Fire Code (527 CMR 2) governing fireworks including recent updates to the regulation, which became effective March 4, 2011 and the new regulation, which go into effect on January 1, 2012.

Remember fireworks are neither safe nor sane.