Fire safety is important for everyone regardless of their fluency in English. Here are some educational materials in other languages or that are easy to read in English.



Fire Safety for Newcomers pdf format of Fire Safety for Newcomers
file size 5MB   is an illustrated booklet with 26 fire safety tips, each presented in seven different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole,Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmer. The illustrations are designed to serve as an 8th language. The printing was donated by the Mass-RI FAIR Plan. This pamphlet can be ordered in quantity.



Breathe Easy – Using Home Oxygen Safety – This pamphlet is available in English, Spanish and soon Portuguese.

Using Home Oxygen Safely - English

- Spanish

- Portuguese

DFs image Put a Lid On It

  Cooking and Fire Safety pdf format of cooking_safety.pdf
- English

Consejos de Seguirdad Para Evitar Incendios y Quemaduras en la Concina pdf format of Cooking and Fire Safety - Spanish
(Cooking & Fire Safety – Spanish)

Dicas de Seguranca Para Evitor Queimaduras e Incendios na Cozinha pdf format of Cooking and Fire Safety - Portuguese
(Cooking & Fire Safety - Portuguese)




Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe - This pamphlet is available in English and Spanish.

Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe – English pdf format of Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe - English

Preservando la Seguridad de Nuestros Adultos Mayores - Spanish pdf format of Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe - Spanish




Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety English pdf format of Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Spanish  pdf format of Electrical Safety Spanish




Preventing Mulch Fires

mulch page image

Preventing Mulch Fires - English pdf format of Mulch FireFactor- a one-page, 2-sided educational ha...

Prevención de Incendios Con Mulch - Spanish  pdf format of Prevención de Incendios Con Mulch - Spanish




image of home words keep warm keep safe

Keep Warm, Keep Safe – The Keep Warm, Keep Safe toolkit has a printed brochure on home heating safety in both English and Spanish.

Keep Warm, Keep Safe brochure pdf format of KWKS Brochure - English and Spanish
file size 1MB - English/Spanish


The Keep Warm, Keep Safe flyer is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Other Winter Safety Flyers

Space Heater Safety in English and Spanish

Winter Carbon Monoxide Safety in English and Spanish

Chimney And Wood Stove Safety


Image of an escape plan drawing showing bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, stairs, windows and doors.








Home Escape Planning – in English, Spanish. The Portuguese version is from the Department of Public Health. Please refer to the English or Spanish version for a description on how to diagram a Home Escape Plan.  


Winter Holiday Safety– This pamphlet is available is in English and Spanish and Portuguese and offers safety tips for to safely celebrate the winter holidays.



Ice and Cold Water Safety – in English and Spanish
Ice and Cold Water Safety - English pdf format of Icesafety2016_english1457110152406.pdf
Cómo Protegerse del Agua Fría y el Hielo - Spanish pdf format of Icesafety2016_spanish.pdf




Candle Safety in English and Spanish


DPH Fire and Injury Prevention

MA Department of Public Health has factsheets on fire safety topics in several languages:

 Carbon Monoxide Safety


Home Escape Planning

Home Heating Safety

Preventing Scalds

Smoke Alarms




Stop, Drop and Roll

National Fire Protection Association

Remembering WhenTM: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, was developed by NFPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help older adults live safely at home for as long as possible. It is centered around 16 key safety messages – eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention. The materials have been translated into: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French Creole, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. They also have a Spanish version Los Buenos Recuerdos and one developed for and with Native Americans and First Nations.  For more information, please contact Karen Bernard-Reed

The NFPA has many easy-to-read factsheets and pamphlets available in other languages. Topics include: cooking, electrical, escape planning, and heating safety.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - smoke alarm and fire safety information in English and Spanish.