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The Department of Fire Services is proud to announce that communities who have applied for the S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE grants are receiving their funding. Congratulations and we look forward to great programs in 2015! Fiscal Year 2015 is the 20th year of the school-based S.A.F.E. Program and the second of the new Senior SAFE Program

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The FY 2014 Year End Report is due on January 30, 2015. If funds have not been spent please fill out an extension form. Those funds must be spent by June 30, 2015. If not, you must return any unspent funds to the Department of Fire Services. FY 2014Year End Report. pdf format of FY 2014 Year End Report.

Upcoming Training

Grant Writing Boot Camps: These courses will help attendees develop the skills they need to complete the FY 16 S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE grants. This workshop will include a discussion on the various aspects of the new format for the grants, the tools necessary to complete the applications, an opportunity to begin writing the grants, and a discussion on the need for record keeping and evaluations. 

Grant Writing Boot Camp locations – all times are 9 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Please register through the MA Firefighting Academy

May 19, 2015  Mass Firefighting Academy Room 127 – One State Road, Stow, MA

May 20, 2015  Holyoke Fire Department – 600 High Street, Holyoke, MA

May 21, 2015  Wakefield Fire Department – 1 Union Street, Wakefield, MA

May 22, 2015  Centerville-Osterville-Marston Mills – 1875 Route 28, Centerville, MA

Student Evaluation

Are Students Truly Learning What We Think We Are Teaching Them?
Evaluation is key to the success of the S.A.F.E. Program. How do we know if the students really learned what we thought we taught them? Are they getting all the key concepts by the time they reach certain milestones? DFS has guidance and resources to help you evaluate your educational programs.

S.A.F.E. FY 2012 Annual Report  pdf format of S.A.F.E. FY 2012 Annual Report
This statewide annual report of the Student Awareness of Fire Education Program includes exciting results from the second year using the 3rd grade evaluation tool. It allows us to prove that students are learning what we think we are teaching and to know where there is room for improvement. Massachusetts may well be the first state in the nation that is conducting this sort of rigorous, consistent evaluation of its fire education.