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S.A.F.E. & Senior SAFE Grants

Public Education Conference 2016
September 26 and 27
Westford Regency Hotel and Conference Center

Keeping Everybody Safe Every Day

Public Education Conference 2016

Register now for the 22nd annual Public Fire and Life Safety Education Conference. This conference will offer a number of workshops that will keep educators moving towards our destination, keeping all ages safe. Keeping Everybody Safe Every Day will include programs for new fire and life safety educators, workshops to challenge experienced educators, and workshops that teach new ways to develop partnerships, collaborate, and expand program management skills. Teachers, firefighters, nurses, senior agency professionals, EMT’s, school safety officers, other injury prevention professionals and police are encouraged to join us.

Nominations for the 2016 Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year Award
Nominations pdf format of 2016 Educator of the Year Nomination Form
are now being accepted for the Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year award. The award recognizes individuals or teams for their commitment to making our world safer from fire and other preventable injuries. We are looking for people who make a difference and who demonstrate leadership, teamwork, creativity, vision and perseverance. Do you know someone who has made a difference and deserves to be recognized? Let us know and why. Nomination Form pdf format of 2016 Educator of the Year Nomination Form

FY 2014 Annual Report

DFS SAFE 2014 Annual Report

FY 2014 S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE Annual Report pdf format of DFS SAFE 2014 Annual Report
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What happened in the Commonwealth’s S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE programs in 2014? This report includes exciting results from the first year of Senior SAFE. It also focuses on evaluation results from our 3rd and 6th grade evaluation tools. These tools allow us to prove that students are learning what we think we are teaching, and to know where there is room for improvement. Massachusetts may well be the only state in the nation that is conducting this sort of rigorous, consistent evaluation of its public fire education


FY ’16 S.A.F.E. and Senior SAFE Awards Announced
The Department of Fire Services is pleased to announce that the FY ’16 Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) and Senior SAFE grants have been awarded to 229 local fire departments.  

FY ’15 Year-End Reports
The FY 2015 Year End Report pdf format of FY 2015 Year End Report
is due on January 29, 2016. If not all funds have been expended, please fill out an extension form. Once approved, remaining  funds must be spent by June 30, 2016. After that, any unspent funds must be returned to the Department of Fire Services.

FY 2015 Fire Safety House Year End Report Form pdf format of FY 2015 Fire Safety House Year End Report Form
The FY ’15 Fire Safety House Year-End Report form should be completed by fire departments that host their fire district’s fire safety house and received funds for maintenance. If there are any leftover funds either request a six-month extension or return them.

Student Evaluation

Are Students Truly Learning What We Think We Are Teaching Them?

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Evaluation is key to the success of the S.A.F.E. Program. How do we know if the students really learned what we thought we taught them? Are they getting all the key concepts by the time they reach certain milestones? DFS has guidance and resources to help you evaluate your educational programs.