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The Senior SAFE program was created by the Legislature in the FY ‘14 budget. It is a grant program to local fire departments to support fire and safety education for older adults, those most at risk of dying in fires in our state. Senior SAFE builds on the successful 20 years of the school-based Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Program that has reduced the average annual child fire deaths by 70%. The fire service expects to have a similar impact for older adults.

Some of the fire and burn risks for older adults include cooking, smoking, home oxygen use, electrical and heating dangers. In addition, Senior SAFE aims to improve the safety of older adult homes. Programs may include the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, 


testing and replacing batteries in these devices, the installation and checking of house numbers, high end heat limiting devices on stoves, in-hood stove fire extinguishers, nightlights, and other fall prevention interventions where needed to provide the at-risk older adult population in the community. In addition to installing any of these important safety devices, education specific to their circumstances is a crucial component of improving the safety of older adults at home. In FY2016, 216 fire departments applied for and received Senior SAFE grants. These are our Senior SAFE communities pdf format of List of Senior SAFE Grant Communities - FY 16

The Senior SAFE Program is designed to create a partnership between the older adults and fire departments through established providers of senior support services such as the Council on Aging, Senior Center, Visiting Nurse Association, or other similar agencies. A description of this program can be found in our brochure, "An Explanation of the Senior SAFE Program for Families and Care Providers." pdf format of What is Senior SAFE 2016

Fire safety topics and flyers addressing older adult concerns:

Senior Fire Safety
Burn Safety
Cooking Safety
Carbon Monoxide Safety
Beat the Beep
Electrical Safety
House Numbers pdf format of House Numbers FireFactors
Home Oxygen
Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe pdf format of Keeping Our Aging Parents Safe
Keep Warm, Keep Safe
Space Heaters