Specialized Resources

The Fire & Explosion Investigation Section has a number of specialized resources available to assist municipal fire and police to conduct fire or explosion investigations twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Some of these include:


Photo of a Massachusetts Trooper with a dog talking to a boy.

We have five nationally certified, Accelerant Detection Canine Teams (AK-9) which are regionally deployed. Each AK-9 team was trained in the Connecticut State Police/AT AK-9 (food reward) method. Each AK-9 team is able to respond around the clock to assist investigators anywhere in this state at any fire or explosion where there is a possibility of arson. Each AK-9 team is also available for fire prevention programs in schools and related civic events.


The State Fire Marshal's Office has had an AK-9 capability since 1990. Each Unit investigator is fully equipped with specialized fire investigation and evidence collection tools, evidence containers, and other evidence documentation gear. Each team also has its own videography capability.

A Factory Mutual Arson Grant enabled the Unit to establish an up-to-date research library of books and videotapes on fire/arson investigation, bombs, building construction, appliances, and other related topics. This library is available during business hours to any fire service or law enforcement investigator, any prosecutor or insurance fraud investigator.


Photo of some equipment use by the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section.

A state and NCIC computer terminal in our office links the Section to data bases for all categories of nationwide criminal or motor vehicle queries. A State Police intelligence specialist is assigned to assist the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section for probes involving real estate transactions, business & personal liquidity, and organized crime.

Links to other specialized units who may assist us to complete any investigation (surveillance teams, forensic technicians, cadaver K-9's, STOP teams, etc.)

Surveillance vehicles - non-traditional, unmarked vehicles for undercover assignments.



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