Each team has 1-2 Operational Response Units (ORUs) vehicles that contain specialized personal protective equipment, decontamination equipment and containment equipment to allow the technician to enter the hazardous environment, mitigate the hazard and to be properly decontaminated. 

Photo of a Technical Operations Module truck.

Each team has a Technical Operations Mobile Unit (TOM) vehicle for hazard risk assessment and incident management. Each TOMs unit is a state-of-the-art support vehicle containing computers and printers equipped with the software necessary to provide chemical information databases, mapping programs of the entire state as well as surrounding states; a computerized weather station; an elaborate communications network of radios and telephones; and video cameras mounted on telescoping masts to enable responders to visualize the affected area from a safe distance until the necessary scientific data can be compiled to establish the safest, most efficient plan to mitigate the incident. A comprehensive medical surveillance program was established to provide constant medical monitoring of firefighters for pre-screening and post-screening at all incidents.