Our mission is to promote and deliver exceptional operational support to the operations of the Fire Service within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by providing professional, efficient, high quality support services to the local incident commander in a timely and proactive manner.


In 1999, the Massachusetts fire service realized the vision of a state-funded vehicle and team that could respond to support any incident - a fully mobile incident support unit (ISU). The purpose of the ISU is to provide the local command structure with specialized resources necessary to coordinate the response of multiple agencies to significant events within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is accomplished with an emphasis on local control and high regard for customer service.

The ISU with its technical support team responds to requests from the IC at any incident to provide wide-ranging support for and coordination of many functions, as well as offer numerous resources. Some of the services offered include incident documentation, resource inventory control, unified command support, communication, and use of the ISU's facilities and equipment.

The vehicle is available to support any major incident, including fires, searches for missing persons, manmade and natural disasters, large-scale public events, multiple fatality and extended duration events, as well as incidents where multiple agencies are operating. In addition, the unit can be used for non-emergency events, such as the Boston Marathon and the July 4th Esplanade Concert.

There is no charge or fee associated with the use of the vehicle(s) and support team. Because the ISU is under the auspices of the Department of Fire Services, it can respond anywhere throughout the Commonwealth. This is a benefit when coordinating multiple state agencies, such as fire departments providing mutual aid, hazardous materials response teams, state police fire investigators, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The ISU is truly a support team and will not respond to and take control of any incident.

Contact Us

A single phone call to Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Communications division at 508-820-2000 can be used to activate one or more of the following units: Incident Support Unit (ISU), Incident Support Trailer (IST) and/or the Rehab bus.

For planned responses and events please call the Special Operations Office at the Department of Fire Services at 978-567-3171 to discuss your needs and procedures.