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On January 1, 2008, the Fire Standard Compliant (FSC) Cigarette law took effect in Massachusetts. (M.G.L. c. 64C, § 2A-2F). The law requires that all cigarettes sold or offered for sale in Massachusetts shall have been tested in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard E2187-04 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Cigarettes. All 50 states have now passed FSC legislation.

  •  Department of Revenue Tobacco Product Manufacturers Directory
    A listing of cigarette brand styles authorized to be sold in Massachusetts
  • 501 CMR (Unofficial) pdf format of 501 CMR (Unofficial)
    Regulations adopted by the Secretary of Public Safety and Security to implement and administer the Fire Standard Compliant Cigarette Certification program. An official copy may be obtained from the Massachusetts Secretary of State at the State House Bookstore. If you have any questions regarding the regulations or the program, please contact the Department of Fire Services' Office of General Counsel at (978) 567-3181

Massachusetts Fire Standard Compliant Certification Program

MA FSC Cigarette Certification Form  pdf format of MA FSC Cigarette Certification Form

The Department of Fire Services (DFS) requests that manufacturers seeking certification or re-certification of particular brand styles submit the form above to the Massachusetts Fire Standard Compliant Certification Program. There is a fee of $3,000 per brand style certified in the state, renewable every three years, to provide for the program and enforcement activities. The fees allow for purchasing of cigarettes for testing, independent testing, as well as personnel and administrative costs related to the program. Enforcement is considered a critical component of the law's effectiveness.

Sell-Through Provision
Wholesalers and retailers are permitted to sell off their existing inventory of cigarettes provided that Massachusetts tax stamps were affixed to them prior to January 1, 2008 and they can establish that the inventory was purchased prior to January 1, 2008 in comparable quantity to the inventory purchased during the same period of the prior year. 

Markings on Cigarette Packages
Unless otherwise approved, all cigarette packages are required to be marked to indicate that they meet the reduced ignition propensity standards. The mark should appear as "FSC" at or near the UPC on all packs, carton and cases of cigarettes. 

Cigarette Caused Fires and Cigarette Fire Checklist

To track compliance and to gather data on the effectiveness of the FSC cigarettes in reducing the number of smoking fires and fire deaths, the State Fire Marshal has asked heads of all local fire departments to make it department policy to determine, whenever possible, if cigarettes involved in fires were or were not fire standard compliant. The Marshal has also asked the State Police Commander of the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section assigned to DFS to make it part of their investigation protocol as well. This information is considered to be most probable based on the initial results of the investigation. This checklist is in addition to and not a replacement for the fire department's mandatory reporting of fires via the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS).

The information acquired from these investigations will be entered into a database and when linked to MFIRS will become a powerful tool in the fire prevention arsenal. The data would be made available to local heads of fire departments upon request.

To assist in this endeavor, DFS is requesting that a completed checklist be sent to the Fire Data and Public Education Unit at the DFS Division of Fire Safety every time a fire investigation determines the cause of the fire to be a cigarette. If you have any questions about reporting fires, please contact Derryl Dion, Research Analyst and MFIRS Manager at (978) 567-3382 or

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