Recognizing the Need for
Comprehensive Training for Fire Prevention Personnel

The Department of Fire Services, in conjunction with the Divisions of Training and Fire Safety, is pleased to introduce a multilevel training program for fire prevention officers. The training will prepare them to receive credentials for each level of the training from the State Fire Marshal.

The requirements for a fire prevention officer are ever expanding and more complicated than ever before. In today’s world the fire prevention officer needs to be thoroughly familiar with the fundamentals of firefighting, hazardous materials, fire protection systems, fire inspection principles, Mass General Laws (MGL), Massachusetts Fire and Building Codes, and national standards (i.e., National Fire Protection Association and International Code Family).

We have seen the results when fire prevention activities are less than adequate. Since the inception of modern fire codes after the Coconut Grove fire in 1942, there have been many instances where fire prevention failures have lead to tragedy. In order to minimize these tragedies, training and resources need to be provided to local fire department fire prevention officials. The Fire Prevention Officer Training Program is a step in accomplishing this needed improvement.

Credentialing Program

The Credentialing Program will be issued by the State Fire Marshal to any Massachusetts fire service individual. Individuals must be a member of a Massachusetts fire department or Department of Fire Services staff. The credential will be issued upon receipt of a completed application by any firefighter and verification of the successful completion of the training program and examination. This credential will be valid for three years from the date of issue. A recertification program will be available for renewal.

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