Blasting, Explosives and Fireworks

For the licensing exam schedule and guidelines on how to apply for, or renew a license go to: Application Instructions and Exam Schedule.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal through the Fire Safety Division issues certificates of competency (for individuals) and certificates of registration (for companies) to people and companies who use or transport explosives or are engaged in blasting, fireworks, special effects, and firing cannons and mortars. 

Transportation of Explosives and Fireworks
All explosive magazine trucks must have a permit from the Division of Fire Safety.

Blasting Licenses
Blasting companies must hold an Explosives Users Certificate, Individuals must hold an Explosives Certificate of Competency. Companies must also have an explosive magazine permits for both permanent and vehicle mounted magazines. Use and Handling Permits for specific blasting projects are issued by local fire departments.

Tools for Fire Departments

Encourage property owners to read the pamphlet Facts about Blasting for MA Property Owners before a blasting project starts and to take advantage of the pre-blast survey offered by blasting companies.

If property owners believe that damage has occurred to their property, have them complete the Blasting Regulatory Review Form pdf format of FP-296
, (FP-296) and submit it to the local fire department within 30 days of the blasting incident.

Fireworks Licenses
All companies and individuals using fireworks and special effects must have a Fireworks/Special Effects User’s Certificate and a certificate of competency. Fireworks can only be used by licensed shooters in Massachusetts where a permit has been obtained from the local fire department.

Cannon and Mortar Licenses
Individuals wishing to shoot mortars and ceremonial cannons must hold a certificate of competency.