Attention all civil service promotional exam participants:

Civil Service now gives point values to certifications you may have obtained.  We do not provide
copies of certifications or certificates of completion, however, you have two options:

  1. Go to and click ‘certification search’ on left of webpage.  Enter your last name and the last four digits of your social security number to generate your record if you earned your certification before Fall, 2014. If you earned your certification after Fall, 2014, enter the last four numbers of your driver's license.  
  2. Click here pdf format of MFA Request for Student Records 
and request a letter of confirmation of your records

When filling out your request, please include as much information as possible as this could reduce
the overall time researching your records.  Records requests take 7-10 business days to process.  
Please plan accordingly when placing your request.


Photo of the MFA burn building with attending ladder truck and fire equipment.

The Department of Fire Services - Massachusetts Firefighting Academy provides post-employment training, and as such, a person must be a firefighter to gain admission to the Academy.


Potential firefighting applicants are encouraged to stay in school and attempt to master English, math and the sciences. Firefighters use such skills every day so applicants must be very strong in these areas.

Since firefighting is a team effort, applicants should be working to improve interpersonal skills. These skills might be increased through participation in student government activities, team sports and part-time jobs where contact is made with other people. Working well with others is a skill that must be developed.

Firefighting is physically challenging as well. Applicants should be in excellent physical shape and should continue an exercise program to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and agility. If applicants are in less than excellent physical condition, get a physician's clearance and begin immediately to improve.

Many colleges offer degree programs in fire science. Even if applicants have already graduated from high school, local high school guidance counselors can direct individuals to the programs, which are most convenient. Higher education is key to success in the fire service.

Finally, applicants should form a career plan, which includes assessing which departments (a large city department or a smaller suburban department, for example) where they might wish to work. Once that is done, individuals should schedule meetings with the chiefs of those departments to discuss career goals and to determine the job opportunities in the selected departments.

Link to Civil Services (HRD)    Training Resource Guide