As part of our efforts to enhance local and regional training, we are making our mobile training props available, at no cost, to the cities and towns of the Commonwealth.  If you have any questions or would like to reserve these props please contact Fire Academy Deputy Director Joe Klucznik at 978-567-3220 or


SCBA Maze Trailer pdf format of SCBA Maze Trailer

SCBA Maze Trailer

The Trailer is a self-contained maze that includes three levels and allows firefighters to move through tubes, to ascend and descend through ceiling/floor hatches, to navigate low profile openings, and more. Training is conducted in a dark, smoke-filled environ­ment. While students are in the maze, they are in direct contact with an instructor in a control room who is monitoring their every move through infrared lighting and movable cameras. The Maze is both a maintenance training tool and a valuable training tool for departments who are upgrading or replacing SCBA and want to provide firefight­ers with a chance to train on, and build confidence with, the new equipment. Learn More pdf format of SCBA Maze Trailer



Mobile Live Fire Training pdf format of Mobile Live Fire Training

Mobile Live Fire Training

The Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is a live fire training prop. It can be delivered to fire departments anywhere in Massachusetts. The MTU uses propane gas as fuel instead of ordinary class “A” combustibles so it can be placed almost anywhere. With moveable wall panels and many props, firefighters can combat kitchen, bedroom and living room fires and experience a rollover. In one day, student firefighters can run through multiple scenarios including moving hose lines up and down stairs and through a structure. Learn More pdf format of Mobile Live Fire Training



Incident Command Simulation pdf format of Incident Command Simulation

Incident Command Simulation

The Incident Command Simulator (SIM Lab) is a mobile computer lab that can be delivered to Massachusetts fire departments for incident command training. The SIM Lab allows firefighters, company officers and incident commanders to practice incident management in a controlled environment. The SIM Lab can be used for a wide variety of fire and emergency response training activities. Scenarios include fires in single family homes, commercial buildings and restaurants; natural gas and propane leaks; and a microburst for practicing local EOC operations. Learn More pdf format of Incident Command Simulation



Driver Training Simulator pdf format of Driver Training Simulator

Driver Training Simulator

Situational awareness is the key to safe operations of emergency vehicles. The driver training simulator is a virtual reality simulator that allows students to experience emergency response sce­narios. Depending upon the class, drivers can operate in rural, suburban, or urban settings in a variety of driving conditions. The Driving Simulator consists of three screens arranged to form the left side, windshield and right side windows of an emergency vehicle. The student drives from an actual emergency vehicle seat complete with lights and siren. Learn More pdf format of Driver Training Simulator



High Voltage Electrical Awareness Prop and Training Program pdf format of High Voltage Electrical Awareness Prop and Training...

High Voltage Electrical Awareness Prop

Oftentimes the fire department responds to an incident prior to the utility company arriving on scene. How do we handle high-voltage emergencies in the field?

The Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (MFA) has a 4-hour program utilizing the new electrical prop to identify the electrical hazards facing today’s first responders provide familiarity with electrical transformers, insulating caps, fuses, lightning arrestors, capacitor banks, various electrical meters, and primary and secondary power lines. Learn more pdf format of High Voltage Electrical Awareness Prop and Training...