• Board of Fire Prevention Regulations

    The BFPR is a sixteen member board responsible for promulgating a comprehensive fire safety code (527 CMR) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Fire Prevention Regulations Appeals Board

    The Fire Prevention Appeals Board was recently created by statute (M.G.L. Chapter 22D, s. 5) and is made up of the members of the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations. The appeal hearings are conducted by a three-member panel selected by the Appeals Board Chairman. The Appeals Board has jurisdiction to accept appeals filed by those aggrieved by decisions, determinations and orders issued by “any state or local official charged with the enforcement of the state fire code, relative to fire protection requirements for buildings and structures…”

  • Massachusetts Fire Safety Commission and Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board

    The Fire Safety Commission is statutorily charged with promulgating all rules and regulations for the implementation of a statewide plan for the installation of automatic sprinklers in all buildings and structures of more than seventy feet in height. The Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board of the Commission conducts hearings in accordance with 530 CMR 2.00 for persons seeking relief from any order or requirement of the head of the fire department.
  • Massachusetts Fire Service Commission

    The legislation creating the Department of Fire Services also created the Massachusetts Fire Service Commission. The Commission is statutorily charged with the appointment of the State Fire Marshal; promulgation of regulations and policies pertaining to the operation of the Office of the State Fire Marshal; review of the annual budget developed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal; advising the Office of the State Fire Marshal regarding state and national fire codes; and consulting with the Massachusetts Fire Training Council to develop standards for fire investigation and certification.
  • Massachusetts Fire Training Council

    The Massachusetts Fire Training Council is the sole certifying agency for certification of all levels of fire service personnel in the Commonwealth. The Council has statutory authority to promulgate rules and regulations for the operation of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy and has the authority to approve courses and curriculum taught by the Academy. The Fire Training Council is a fifteen member body appointed by the Governor.
  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation Emergency Response Advisory Board

    The Hazardous Materials Mitigation Emergency Response Advisory Board oversees procedure and policy. This board consists of the State Fire Marshal, two representatives of the Fire Chief's Association of Massachusetts, a representative of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Massachusetts and the presiding President of the Massachusetts Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians.
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