Hot liquid scalds, especially from hot beverages, are a particular danger to very young children. Young children between the ages of five and nine and older adults over the age of 65 suffer a disproportionate number of the burns caused by clothing ignitions. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years old face the highest risk of burns from gasoline incidents.

We analyze burns by cause categories: scalds, fires, flames, explosions, contact with hot objects, electricity and chemicals. We also look at burns by age group and burns that occurred at work. Gasoline related burns and burns caused by cooking involve several categories of burns and are examined separately.

  • 2014 M-BIRS Annual Report  pdf format of 2014 M-BIRS Annual Report 
file size 2MB
    The 2014 annual report of the Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System. 
  • Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire pdf format of Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire
    A one page flyer developed from data from the 2012 annual report.  It lists prevention tips and statistics on scalds to young children from hot beverages, tap water and cooking liquids or grease.

  • Fire Safety Topics & Flyers
    More fire safety flyers and pamphlets are available at the link above.

Physicians and hospitals should contact us for forms or with questions on reporting procedures.

  • Form FP-84F pdf format of Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting Form
    M-BIRS hospital reporting form for burn injuries extending 5% or more of the body surface area. This form can be faxed or mailed to the Division of Fire Safety.
  • About M-BIRS pdf format of Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System 
    We understand that hospitals' emergency room staff is constantly changing, and so we are providing an explanatory pamphlet for medical personnel.

For more information or a copy of the annual report, contact Derryl Dion, Research Analyst/M-BIRS Coordinator.

M-BIRS Reports
2014 M-BIRS Annual Report  pdf format of 2014 M-BIRS Annual Report 
file size 2MB
M-BIRS 2013 Annual Report  pdf format of M-BIRS 2013 Annual Report
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