MFIRS Training Tools

It is important for each fire department to have an opportunity to have MFIRS training, so DFS is making its training tools available for fire departments. The following MS PowerPoint for Office 97 presentations were prepared by MFA instructors to teach MFIRS and are available for download.

Estimating Fire Dollar Loss Guidelines for MFIRS pdf format of Estimating Fire Dollar Loss Guidelines for MFIRS


DFS has prepared a Mass. Quick Reference Guide pdf format of mass_qrg.pdf
file size 2MB that contains the NFIRS 5.0 Quick Reference Guide and includes the unique to Massachusetts data elements. The Massachusetts Full Handbook (coming soon) contains the NFIRS 5.0 Full Handbook plus the unique to Massachusetts data elements.

US Fire Administration has also provided NFIRS 5.0 Reference Guides (Full Handbook and Quick Reference Guide) with instructions and examples for filling out the federal forms.

Pages for the full handbook explaining the unique to Massachusetts elements are available for download in an MS Word format: Unique to Mass Data Elements Handbook doc format of mass_handbook.doc

Reporting mutual aid given requires the Fire Department Identification Number (FDID#) of the department you gave mutual aid to, and their incident number if humanly possible. Here is a list of the Massachusetts FDID xls format of fdid.xls

Submitting Data

Many fire departments have automated fire incident reporting and other department functions. Last year, 60% of Massachusetts fire departments sent Mass. Fire Incident Reports to us electronically. Some fire departments send floppy diskettes or CD's, some e-mail them to us at and others use the MFIRS Bulletin Board at (978) 567-3389.

To obtain a list of software vendors that have successfully passed the Massachusetts testing process or for vendors wishing to complete the process, please contact our office or check out the DFS webpage on Electronic Reporting.

MFIRS can still be a paper-based system, especially for smaller fire departments. We have developed forms , as Microsoft Word Templates, that can be used for printing out forms and for storing them as individual files on computer.


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