The following are unofficial copies of the State Fire Code (527 CMR) that were in effect as of December 31, 2014. They are posted here for reference and convenience only. It should be noted that some provisions of 527 CMR (previous code) adopted by reference, in whole or in part, standards created by various code development organizations. While accessing these documents you should be careful to reference the correct edition and be aware of modifications that may be unique to Massachusetts.

527 CMR 1.00: Administration and Enforcement pdf format of cmr 1.pdf

527 CMR 2.00: The Manufacturing, Storage, Transportation and Use of Fireworks pdf format of cmr 2.pdf

527 CMR 3.00: Dry Cleaning and Dry Dyeing and the Keeping, Storage and Use of Cleaning and Dyeing Fluids pdf format of cmr 3.pdf

527 CMR 4.00: Oil Burning Equipment pdf format of cmr 4.pdf

527 CMR 5.00: Operation and Maintenance of Buildings or Other Structures Used As Garages, Service Stations and the Related Storage, Keeping and Use of Gasoline or Other Motor Fuel pdf format of cmr 5.pdf

527 CMR 6.00: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers and Systems pdf format of cmr 6.pdf

527 CMR 7.00: Manufacture and Handling of Plastics pdf format of cmr 7.pdf

527 CMR 8.00: Transportation of Flammable And Combustible Liquids pdf format of cmr 8.pdf

527 CMR 9.00: Tanks and Containers pdf format of cmr 9.pdf

527 CMR 10:00: Fire Prevention, General Provisions pdf format of cmr 10.pdf

527 CMR 11.00: Commercial Cooking Operations pdf format of cmr 11.pdf

527 CMR 13.00: Explosives pdf format of cmr 13.pdf

527 CMR 14.00: Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Flammable Solids or Flammable Gases pdf format of cmr 14.pdf

527 CMR 15:00: Keeping, Handling and Transportation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids, and the Disposition of Crude Petroleum or Any of Its Products in Harbors or Other Waters of the Commonwealth pdf format of cmr 15.pdf

527 CMR 16.00: Model Rockets pdf format of cmr 16.pdf

527 CMR 17.00: Lumber and Other Forest Products pdf format of cmr 17.pdf

527 CMR 18.00: Flammable Liquids in Bulk Plant Loading and Unloading Facilities pdf format of cmr 18.pdf

527 CMR 19.00: Tentage pdf format of cmr 19.pdf

527 CMR 20.00: Use and Maintenance of Temporary Portable Space Heating Devices and Equipment Used In the Construction Industry pdf format of cmr 20.pdf

527 CMR 21.00: Decorations, Curtains, Draperies, Blinds and Other Window Treatments pdf format of cmr 21.pdf

527 CMR 22.00: Cannon or Mortar Firing pdf format of cmr 22.pdf

527 CMR 23.00: Issuance of Certificates for the Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers and the Installing and Servicing Of Fixed Fire Extinguishing pdf format of cmr 23.pdf

527 CMR 24.00: Fire Warning Systems Installed In Buildings within the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts Systems pdf format of cmr 24.pdf

527 CMR 25.00: Obstruction and Hazards in Certain Buildings and On Public or Private Ways pdf format of cmr 25.pdf


527 CMR 26.00: Compressed Natural Gas Containers and Systems pdf format of cmr 26.pdf

527 CMR 27.00: Emergency and Standby Power Systems pdf format of cmr 27.pdf

527 CMR 28.00: Combustible Fibers pdf format of cmr 28.pdf

527 CMR 29.00: Upholstered Furniture, Molded Seating And Re-Upholstered Furniture pdf format of cmr 29.pdf

527 CMR 30.00: Unvented Propane or Natural Gas-Fired Space Heaters pdf format of cmr 30.pdf

527 CMR 31.00: Carbon Monoxide Alarms pdf format of cmr 31.pdf

527 CMR 32.00: Approved Smoke Detectors pdf format of cmr 32.pdf

527 CMR 33.00: Hazardous Materials, Process or Processing pdf format of cmr 33.pdf

527 CMR 34.00: Rubbish Handling pdf format of cmr 34.pdf

527 CMR 35.00: Crop Ripening or Color Processes pdf format of cmr 35.pdf

527 CMR 37.00: Pesticide Storage pdf format of cmr 37.pdf

527 CMR 38.00: Minimum Standards for Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Soundstages, Production Facilities, Production Locations and Activities Relating Thereto pdf format of cmr 38.pdf

527 CMR 39.00: Welding and Cutting Processes pdf format of cmr 39.pdf

527 CMR 40.00: Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems pdf format of cmr 40.pdf

527 CMR 49.00: Appendices pdf format of cmr 49.pdf

527 CMR 50.00: Petitions for Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Regulations pdf format of cmr 50.pdf