Fireworks Cannisters

The Division of Fire Safety works closely with local fire departments to enforce the fireworks laws and regulations and make sure the supervised fireworks displays are safe for both spectators and shooters. The Division of Fire Safety stands ready to provide technical, compliance, and enforcement support, 24/7 – especially during the busy 4th of July week. The following numbers may be called for immediate assistance: outside of regular business hours (508) 820-2000 and during normal business days (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), (978) 567-3375.

This page provides tools to fire departments as they prepare for fireworks displays, including contact information and a fireworks display checklist which provides guidelines for a fireworks program (before the show, day of the show, following the show).

Fire Departments Issue Permits for Supervised Displays
All fireworks shows must have a permit issued by the local fire department and must be supervised by the fire department. Permit applications must be submitted 20 days prior to the show and the fire department must inform the Office of the State Fire Marshal within 5 days if they approve or disapprove the application. The permitting process gives the fire department the opportunity to review that the regulations are being met, the shooters are licensed, all other required permits have been issued, the audience will be a safe distance from the shells and debris, an electronic firing board is used, the fireworks will be secured from the moment they arrive on scene, and a first light search will be conducted for unexploded shells, among other safety issues.

Natural Barrier Approvals
The Division of Fire Safety grants natural barrier approvals when needed. If you have previously received an approval and nothing has changed in the plans submitted to you by the fireworks shooter, you do not need another approval. If you need a site inspection for approval, please contact (978) 567-3375, at least thirty (30) days before the proposed date of the display.

Checking On Fireworks Shooters Licenses
The Office of the State Fire Marshal (Division of Fire Safety) issues licenses to people and companies engaged in fireworks, special effects, cannon and mortar firing. For information about licensing issues, please contact the Licensing Desk by phone at 978-567-3700 or by email at To check on an individual license use this app: 

Professional License Information

Search by license type to find out where to apply for, renew, or verify a license, or to file a complaint against a license holder. (Ex. Nursing)

Licensed Shooters Must Abide by State Regulations
The Division of Fire Safety has reminded our licensed fireworks shooters of their responsibilities to the public for safety as well as an obligation to abide by the state’s laws and regulations on fireworks. Licensed fireworks shooters have also been reminded that being involved in an unsupervised and/or un-permitted fireworks display is, in addition to being a violation of law and the fire code, a violation of the terms and conditions of their license, which could result in suspension or revocation of their Certificate of Competency. If a fire or police official becomes aware of such activity in your municipality, please contact our office immediately.

Confiscated Illegal Fireworks – Contact State Police Bomb Squad
All police officials are required to confiscate illegal fireworks. Police and fire officials should contact the State Police Bomb Squad at (978) 567-3310 during normal business hours. Depending on the type, quantity and condition, they will advise on whether an emergency response is required or if the fireworks can be safely stored in a secure area until pick-up can be arranged. If the fireworks are commercial grade, there’s a large quantity of them, or they are deteriorated, the Bomb Squad wants to know right away. After hours, contact the Troop Duty Officer for your area, or call State Police dispatch (508) 820-2121 and ask to be connected to your Troop Duty Officer. Ask the duty officer to contact the State Police Bomb Squad on call person right away for you.