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Fire Prevention in Restaurants – a pamphlet that provides an overview of the fire prevention regulations for restaurants in English pdf format of Fire Prevention in Restaurants English
, Portuguese pdf format of Fire Prevention in Restaurants Portuguese
and Chinese pdf format of Fire Prevention in Restaurants Chinese

There are many fire prevention regulations that cover issues such as commercial cooking equipment cleaning and inspections, fire suppression systems in kitchens, exit signs and emergency lighting, rubbish handling, flammability of decorations, drapes and furniture, crowd manager requirements, fire lanes, and general housekeeping.

CO and CO2 for Restaurants: - Currently, the Massachusetts State Fire and Building Codes do not require restaurants to install carbon monoxide (by-product of combustion) or carbon dioxide (used for carbonation) detection in restaurants. This pamphlet pdf format of CO and CO2 for Restaurants
summarizes steps restaurants can take to protect workers and patrons from those dangerous invisible gases.

Commercial Cooking Exhaust System Cleaning & Inspection License  (aka Hood Cleaning)

Commercial cooking exhaust hoods require inspection and cleaning by someone who holds a certificate of competency (aka “license”) from the State Fire Marshal. The regulation pdf format of Massachusetts 527 CMR 1.00 (effective August 26, 20
file size 1MB sets the frequency of inspection and the inspector determines if cleaning is required. For more information on the regulation or the licensing process please go to our webpage .

Before hiring someone for this work, check that they are licensed hood cleaners and pay by check when the work is completed. Be cautious about hiring people who approach you, before you contact them. 

Crowd Manager Regulations - A crowd manager is needed in facilities that feature entertainment by a live band or recorded music generating above normal sound levels and which have specific areas designated for dancing. Be sure to discuss this with your local fire department. For more information on crowd manager requirements or to take the online training program, please visit the DFS Crowd Manager webpage.