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The Massachusetts Public Fire and Safety Education Curriculum Planning Guidebook was created in 1994 to support the Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Program.  It follows the national ISDIE model of program planning: Identify the problem; Select the message; Design the program; Implement it; and Evaluate it.

The MA Public Fire and Life Safety Education Task Force understood that fire safety curricula came in and out of fashion, but the key fire and life safety behaviors remained fairly constant. The fundamental part of this guide is the behavior pages organized by age group. Each page contains information on what children should know about a behavior at different stages of their education. What a pre-schooler needs to know about smoke alarms is different from what a sixth grader needs to know, but they both need to know about smoke alarms.

The “behavior” pages use Blooms Taxonomy in the objectives that describe how the student can show they have learned the material. They also include helpful hints (teaching strategies), developmental information, links to the Health Education Curriculum Frameworks, information on the different learning styles, and what other behaviors can be combined when creating lesson plans. The other chapters are usually only a few pages long with guidance for educators.


Introduction  pdf format of Introduction

Curriculum Planning Guidebook Page

Chapter 1 – Identification  pdf format of Chapter 1 – Identification

Chapter 2 – Selection  pdf format of Chapter 2 – Selection

Chapter 3 – Design  pdf format of Chapter 3 – Design

Pre-K Behaviors  pdf format of Pre-K Behaviors

Kindergarten Behaviors  pdf format of Kindergarten Behaviors

1st & 2nd Grade Behaviors  pdf format of 1st & 2nd Grade Behaviors

3rd & 4th Grade Behaviors  pdf format of 3rd & 4th Grade Behaviors

5th & 6th Grade Behaviors  pdf format of 5th & 6th Grade Behaviors

Chapter 4 – Implementation  pdf format of Chapter 4 – Implementation

Chapter 5 – Evaluation  pdf format of Chapter 5 – Evaluation


Appendix A – Resources  pdf format of Appendix A – Resources

Appendix B – Glossary  pdf format of Appendix B – Glossary

Appendix C – Lesson Plans  pdf format of Appendix C – Lesson Plans

Appendix D – Curriculum Framework Links  pdf format of Appendix D – Curriculum Framework Links


This document is a living document, so please send any ideas for changes or new resources using the format in the guidebook to:

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Public Education Coordinator
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