Fire Safety for Older Adults
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Senior SAFE Program – A New grant program for fire departments to work with other agencies to improve the fire and life safety of older adults in their communities.

Seniors face the same fire safety issues that we all do. But since people over age 65 account for 40% of the fire deaths each year in Massachusetts, it’s important to look at what causes senior fire deaths and injuries. Older adults are more than two times as likely to die in a fire than any other age group.

Cooking Fire Safety – cooking is the leading cause of fires in the home and is the #1 cause of fire injuries to older adults. Learn to Stand By Your Pan and stay in the kitchen when cooking and to “Put A Lid On It” to put out a stove-top fire. Click here for a short pamphlet on cooking fire safety.

Home Oxygen Safety – older adults are more likely to use medical oxygen at home. It’s important to learn about the new fire risks of bringing this important therapy into the home and the fire safety steps people should take. We have information in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Electrical Fire Safety pdf format of Electrical Safety
– Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of fire deaths for older adults and in general. Some years it is the #1 cause and some it’s the #2 cause of fire deaths. For more information see our Electrical Fire Safety webpage.

Smoke pdf format of smoke_detect_fire_factors.pdf
and Carbon Monoxide pdf format of carbon_monoxide_ff.pdf
Alarms – Many of the fires that injure or kill older adults have one thing in common: no working smoke alarms. Older adults may want to ask someone else to test their alarms and replace the batteries when needed. (No need to risk falling off a chair or ladder.) Adult children and caregivers should offer to do so for them. 

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Golden Heroes Award – We created this award to honor older adults whose actions during an emergency are deserving of recognition for saving themselves or others. Has a senior citizen in your community responded appropriately during an emergency? Did they put a lid on a stove top fire? Stop Drop and Roll when clothing ignited? Dial 911 to report an incident? Respond to a fire alarm correctly by promptly exiting the building? Perform a lifesaving medical maneuver? Then help us recognize this senior citizen's commendable actions.