Care and Feeding of Sparky

This Sparky equipment is the property of the Department of Fire Services, and we would ask that you treat it with care and consideration, not only for the people who portray Sparky but the children who are learning from Sparky.

Please follow these seven rules -

1) Keep the Sparky head and paws in this box during transport. Do not put food or other items in the box that could spill or leave an odor in the Sparky fur.

2) Please check out the Sparky equipment when you accept it for use, and note if anything is dirty or in need of repair. If there is damage to Sparky during your use, please advise Jennifer Mieth as soon as possible, by phone (978-567-3381) or email (

3) If the paws get dirty, you may wash them in cold water with Woolite®, either alone or with like white clothing. Line dry and use a brush to fluff the nap.

4) Always wear clean turnout gear including boots, for the health and safety of the children.

5) Remember to take a break as needed, do not overexert yourself. Even when the fan is functioning properly, Sparky's head can get hot and heavy on even cool days.

6) When you are done wearing Sparky's gear, let it air out before returning it to the box. If you have a headcold or allergies, use a little Lysol spray as a courtesy to the next Sparky volunteer.

7) The Kool Vest can be used indoors or out, regardless of season, for your comfort. The inserts should be placed in the freezer for at least eight (8) hours prior to use, and should be transported in a cooler or insulated bag until you are ready to put the vest on. Once frozen, the inserts should not be placed inside the Sparky box until they are completely thawed and dry to the touch.