Fire Station Tours

Fire station tours are an excellent opportunity for public fire education and public relations for the fire department. Firefighters are engaged in the business of saving lives, whether it involves a response to a fire after it has occurred or, more importantly, before it happens. The simple truth is that we are far more likely to save a child's life through fire safety education and the knowledge of preventing or taking proper action during a fire than by the actual rescue of a child during a fire incident. A station tour is a great opportunity to teach important life safety skills to visitors and for adults and children to learn that firefighters do so much more than fight fires. Here are a couple of examples of how other fire departments handle fire station tours.

Fire Station Tours: Advice for the Fire Service  pdf format of Fire Station Tours: Advice for the Fire Service

Wakefield Fire Station Visits pdf format of Wakefield.pdf

Westford Fire Station Visits pdf format of Westford.pdf

Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal - A Guide to Station Tours

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