High School Fire Safety Resources

Get Real About Tobacco
By: Comprehensive Health Education Foundation (1997)

This K - 12 Curriculum is designed to prevent students from using tobacco. The curriculum comprises four units, addressing students in grades K-4, 4-6, 6-9, and 9-12. Learning lessons include lessons that focus on information and lessons that focus on attitudes. The lessons are taught in a variety of ways in order to accommodate different learning styles. This program also contains three videos to enhance student learning.

Smoke Screeners
By: The Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (1999)

The Smoke Screeners program is an educational program that invites students to become critical movie viewers. By drawing attention to how smoking is glamorized in many current Hollywood films, Smoke Screeners will increase student awareness of tobacco use in the movies. The Smoke Screeners message for students is "View and Think!"

The Smoke Screeners Program includes a guide that will help the educator conduct an engaging discussion and facilitate educational activities around the Smoke Screeners centerpiece video.

The Learn Not to Burn - Preschool Program
By: National Fire Protection Association (1991)

The LNTB Preschool Program is geared toward children aged 3-5 in a child care center. Eight key fire safety behaviors are taught using song and play activities. Materials include: Lesson plans for each behavior, Song Lesson Plans with accompanying cassette tape, and Learning / Play Activities.

Risk Watch - Safety Program: (Grade Pre-K / K thru Grade 8))
By: National Fire Protection Association (1998)

Risk Watch is an injury prevention program for elementary school age children. This 5 volume set contain activities that combine education and imagination to help children acquire lifesaving skills through experiential learning. Each program contains lesson plans, colorful lesson cards, information letters, and evaluation tools for the educator.

The Smoke Detectives
By: State Farm Insurance Companies (1990)

This elementary school fire safety and awareness package contains lesson plans, reproducible masters, and activities that are intended to be integrated into regular classroom subjects. Each kit also contains a 24 min introduction video on fire safety and prevention.

Safe School - Teacher's Resource Guide
By: Massachusetts Department of Public Health (1987)

Safe School is a guide to safety materials, resources and information for educators of children in grades K - 6. This guides includes grade-appropriate handouts, posters, and ideas for immediate use in the classroom. Also included are resources to information and curriculum materials.

Fireproof Children Education Kit
By: National Fire Service Support Systems (1990)

This education kit is designed to assist fire safety educators, classroom teachers and others who are interested in providing elementary school age children with a broader awareness and understanding of fire. All activities can be easily incorporated into on-going school curricula with an emphasis on language arts.

Fireproof Children Handbook
By: National Fire Service Support Systems (1990)

This handbook is designed to assist firefighters, fire investigators, fire safety educators and interested others to develop effective community intervention and prevention programs. The handbook outlines suggested organizational plans and provides a step by step guide to developing networks of community agencies.

Middle School Burn Awareness Program
Shriners Burn Hospital Nurses,

Contact Sue Burke at 617/722-3000

This program is best suited for 7th and 8th graders and "hooks" this age group using one of their major concerns - their appearance. Using the stories, voices and pictures of kids "just like me" in a sensitive manner, the nurses teach about burn care, treatment and prevention.