Senior Fire Safety Resources

Lesson Plans:

Let's Retire Fire: A Fire Safety Program for Older Americans
By: United States Fire Administration Cost: Free
(800) 238-3358

This 15-page campaign kit is containing information to assist in the development of a public education program targeted to older Americans. This kit contains ideas, talking points, a wall hanger and checklist, and tips for working with the media.

Fire & Burn Safety Program for the Elderly
By: FEMA / Burn Foundation (1991)

This two-volume package contains 4 modules which may be presented in whole or as individual programs. Each program contains pages that may be reproduced as handouts or transparencies.

Fire & Burn Safety Program for Senior Citizens
By: The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety

(Based on original program by FEMA / Burn Foundation)
This program contains 5 modules which may be presented in whole or as individual programs. This book contains pages that may be reproduced as handouts or transparencies.

Safety for Older Consumers (Home Safety Checklist)
By: US Consumer Product Safety Commission (1986)

This 37-page booklet is presented in a checklist format.
This program may be presented in whole or as individual programs.

Product Safety and the Older Consumer
By: US Consumer Product Safety Commission (1985)

This 32-page booklet is divided into 3 sections which looks at the product safety needs of older consumers. This booklet is a good source to promote safety awareness.

Remembering When - A Senior Fire Safety Program
By: National Fire Protection Association (1999)

This program contains everything you will need to conduct a comprehensive fire and fall prevention program for older adults in your community. Remembering When uses Group Presentations, Home Visits, and Installation and Intervention approaches to deliver 16 fire and fall prevention messages. The program is full of reproducible handouts, pictures, graphs and a fun trivia game for older adults. A free copy of this program is available for every fire department through the Department of Fire Services.

Reaching High Risk Groups: The Community-Based Fire Safety Program
By: Rossomando & Associates (1996)

This program includes a Report and a handbook that outlines an innovated approach to target fire safety messages and promote smoke detectors to high risk and hard-to-reach populations. Details on general approaches that have been used by communities along with instructions for fire departments designing their own programs. There is also a funding guide for raising resources to support these programs.


Mr. Arthur Burtman
Mr. Burtman is a volunteer with the American Red Cross of Mass Bay. Mr. Burtman presents a very good program on Senior Fire Safety appropriate for seniors and for fire safety educators. Contact: (Home Phone / 617-738-6152), 99 Pond Avenue #421, Brookline MA 02146

Ms. Kate Hansen
Ms. Hansen performs a fire safety clown program utilizing a bag lady character named "No One" to review senior fire safety topics. Contact: Chatham Fire Dept 508-945-2324,

Pager 978-803-5254, Email:

Local Programs:

S.O.S. - Save Our Seniors / F.A.S.T. - Fire And Safety Training
By: Mount Prospect Firefighters, Oregon

A comprehensive program developed by the Mount Prospect Fire Department which is designed to address the needs and concerns of the entire older population of Mount Prospect. This program utilizes Fire Safety Checklists to review Fire Safety Awareness topics with Seniors.

Triad Program / Operation FireSafe - Hampshire County
By: Triad (Partnership of Hampshire County)

This program outlines a community service initiative to give smoke alarms free of charge to those who might not otherwise have them, particularly low-income and elderly people. This program also promotes fire safety and raises consciousness about the simple steps everyone can take to make their lives safer.