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Curriculum Planning Guidebook V3 Distributed at Conference:

  • Version 3 of the Massachusetts Curriculum Planning Guidebook was released at the 2007 conference. This guidebook walks fire and life safety educators through the process of putting together their programs together using the IFSTA steps of Identification, Selection, Design, Implementation and Evaluation, and lays out the learning objectives of each key fire and life safety behavior by age group. In addition, the Resource section has been updated and reorganized into a more user-friendly format. The guidebook is used in the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy's 5-day course, Public Fire and Life Safety Educator, and is essential for Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Program educators.

Guidelines for utilizing the NFPA video pdf format of practice_turns_knowing_into_doing.pdf
"What Every Parent Should Know"

  • The Mass. Public Fire & Life Safety Education Task Force has prepared some guidelines for educators to use as in conjunction with the NFPA's video What Every Parent Should Know. The high impact of the video is for use with adults only, to motivate them to both practice home escape plans (walk through's when people are awake) and to hold nighttime drills (after children have fallen asleep.)

MCAS Practice Essay Questions:

Is MCAS creating a roadblock to your SAFE Program classroom access?
We all realize that time is precious and teachers are under great constraints and have limited flexibility with classroom curriculum when it comes to MCAS. Rather than crashing into the MCAS obstacle let's take a detour, an alternative route around the obstacle, and craft our SAFE lesson plans and presentations by working within the MGL Ch 71 s1 Education Reform Act framework.

Suggest some practice MCAS essay questions that address fire safety. Here are some examples for 5 th grade questions and a scoring rubric. You can also incorporate essay writing into your own lesson plans.

May 2000 Spring In-service meeting:

Topic was "Connecting the Public Education Curriculum Planning Guidebook with the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework" Don't let MCAS keep you out of the classroom!
Instructor: Chief Michael Cassidy, Holliston Fire Department.

Summary: The program focused on ways in which SAFE educators who are experiencing difficulty accessing middle school classrooms, could maintain that fire and safety key behaviors can be incorporated into the framework of the Health Curriculum doc format of educationreform.doc
and satisfy the requirements of MGL c 71 s 1 Education Reform Act.

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