What kind of recognition do the children receive?

Each "Young Hero" will be presented with a Certificate of Recognition, signed by State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, along with a "Young Hero" T-shirt, which bears the seal of the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, and the words "Junior Fire Marshal" and "S.A.F.E. Young Hero".

How do we present the awards to the children?

Each child is different and as such, each ceremony should be unique. Ask the parents what they and the child would be comfortable with. The presentation can be formal or informal according to the wishes of the family. Some ceremonies have taken place at town hall with the mayor or city council in attendance. Others have chosen to make the presentation at the firehouse with the Fire Chief. Another setting that is very appropriate is before the classmates of the recipient at a school assembly. In this way, the child receives acknowledgement in front of their peers, and you get a second opportunity to interact with the students on behalf of your S.A.F.E. Program.

Some things to keep in mind:-

The focus of attention should be the recipient and the actions of that individual during the incident that led to their being honored. It is also important to give credit to your S.A.F.E. Program. Make the community aware of your department's efforts and take satisfaction in its success. Invite your local town officials as well as your state representative and state senator, whose support for the S.A.F.E Program is crucial. Notify the local media. Both the "Young Hero" and your SAFE Program deserve to be publicly acknowledged.

What information does the Public Education Unit need about the nominee?

Tell us about the incident.

Town and Fire Department making the nomination, SAFE educator or person to contact regarding information about the incident.
Date, time, location, type of call.
Tell us about the nominee.
Child's name (check spelling carefully) age, school or place where they received SAFE education, when did they have SAFE education.
Parents or guardians name, address, phone
Tell us about the child's actions
What did the child do correctly and how did the actions affect the outcome of the incident? Did they demonstrate any of the key fire and life safety behaviors that the SAFE Program teaches?
Let us know when the presentation ceremony is scheduled to take place and where.
If schedules permit, Marshal Ostroskey, Deputy Fournier or Cynthia Ouellette will make an effort to attend to present the award.

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Nominate a : Notify the Department of Fire Services about a child whose actions during an emergency deserve recognition.