Has a child, family or group of children in your S.A.F.E. Community responded appropriately during an emergency, by demonstrating key fire and life safety behaviors; dialing 911 to report an incident and calmly providing information to a dispatcher; or performing a lifesaving medical maneuver? Was this child responding correctly as a result of the fire and life safety education they received from your fire department's S.A.F.E. Program? Do you think that this child's meritorious actions should be recognized? Well, Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey thinks so too!

That's why the Department of Fire Services, Public Education Unit instituted the Young Heroes at Work program in 1995. During the last nineteen years, over 300 children have been recognized as Young Heroes at Work for their actions.

Some success stories:

  • A young girl received instruction in class on EDITH (exit drills in the home) and went home and urged her family to create an escape plan and practice it. Just days later the family safely escaped from a fire in their home, thanks to the child's insistence that they have an escape plan.
  • A 5th grade girl dialed 911 to report that her aunt was having a seizure. She remained calm, gave the dispatcher all the necessary information about the incident and cared for her aunt until rescuers arrived on scene.
  • A five year old boy alerted his family to impending danger, when he smelled smoke in his home. A fuse box in the basement had shorted and was arcing. The boy had received fire safety instruction at his day care facility from the local fire department.
  • A seven year old boy, whose clothing caught fire when he brushed against a lit candle, knew what to do, thanks to instruction he had received in school from the fire fighters. He quickly performed the "Stop, Drop & Roll" procedure and successfully extinguished the flames on his clothes, and protected himself from serious injury.


FAQs about the Young Heroes Program

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Nominate a : Notify the Department of Fire Services about a child whose actions during an emergency are deserving of recognition.