The regulations relative to recreational tramways (526 CMR 10) have been amended effective June 26, 2009.

Section 10.02 now provides an exemption from the insurance requirement for privately owned, non-profit ski areas with less than 2000 skier visits per year. To qualify for this exemption the ski area must submit the following information to the Board for approval.

  • proof of ownership of the ski area,
  • proof of non-profit status of the owner of the ski area,
  • documentation as to the number of skier visits from the preceding twelve month period, and
  • a copy of a waiver it will provide to all ski visitors advising of the lack of insurance. (The waiver shall be subject to the approval of the Board.)

A section relative to signage for requirements for ski areas has been included in section 10.16. Please click on the link below to review the regulations for the specific requirements.

526 CMR 10.00 pdf format of    526_cmr_recreational_tramway_board.pdf  file size 1MB