Contrary to popular belief, the building code does not require contractors to issue warranties relating to building construction. However, most contractors do, as a matter of good business offer some type of warranty. Additionally, most if not all product manufacturers tender some type of limited warranty. Roofing manufacturers, for example, offer warranties on correctly installed products. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures usually come with a warranty. Homeowners should make sure that all product warranty information is provided by the contractor at the completion of the project and should also discuss whether the building contractor offers any further warranties with regard to work performed.

It is important to note that manufacturer warranties usually include language about correctly installed vs. incorrectly installed materials. Again using the roofing example; manufacturers may not honor warranties on roofing products that are not properly installed. Properly installed usually means products that have been installed in accordance with manufacturer and code requirements.


There are no guarantees in life. Even if you follow each step of this process precisely, rigorously researching each detail, there is no guarantee that the project will advance error-free. Unanticipated difficulties often occur during building projects, even the most carefully planned and well researched projects. However, no difficulty is insurmountable if the parties involved work to resolve the matter.

Department of Public Safety staff has worked diligently over the years to better address and more expeditiously attend to complaints received against licensed construction supervisors and home improvement contractors, but there is no better way to help reduce complaints than up-front planning.

Please take the time necessary to plan for a successful project at the start; it may help to avoid difficulties along the way. If problems do occur, and you find it necessary to file a complaint, please click here for complaint application forms and further instructions as to how to file a complaint.

It is hoped that this article provides useful information that may help your spring projects advance smoothly and protect what is likely your most valued possession.