The Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) is pleased to announced that it approved continuing education requirements for licensed construction supervisors during its May 11th, 2010 public hearing. The public hearing was convened in the Ashburton Café, One Ashburton Place, Boston at 1:00 p.m.

As background, for those who may not be familiar, the legislature recently authorized the BBRS to approve continuing education requirements for construction supervisor licensees. The empowering legislation establishes a Continuing Education Council whose members are charged with developing continuing education requirements. Rather than reinvent the wheel, council members looked towards other states for guidance in developing requirements for the commonwealth. After reviewing procedures already in place in several other states, council members agreed to use Minnesota continuing education requirements as the model for Massachusetts.

Over the last several months, council members reviewed Minnesota requirements, word by word, line by line modifying their regulations to suit Massachusetts' needs. Conceptually, the proposed regulations work as follows:

  • A licensed construction supervisor must acquire a certain number of continuing education hours each 2 year renewal period based upon license category as identified below.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License 12 Hours
Restricted Construction Supervisors License 10 Hours
Specialty Construction Supervisors License 6 Hours

Windows / Siding
Burning Fuel

  • Courses, instructors and course coordinators are required to be approved by the BBRS in order to convene continuing education classes.
  • A licensee will have a host of methods available to choose from to achieve compliance.

A local technical college, for example, may apply for and receive approval to act as a course coordinator, then provide varied courses presented by instructors approved by the program regulations as part of their ongoing continuing education program.

Home builder associations may also apply for and receive approval as a coordinator and then hire approved instructors to present material as part of their regular monthly meetings as a service to their membership.

This is just a taste of what is intended by the proposed regulations. Please review the proposed regulations in their entirety at the following link

780 CMR R5 pdf format of    780_cmr_r5_draft_embedded.pdf

Continuing education criterion appears towards the end of the regulation under section 780 CMR R5.4. Other red-lined changes are also proposed in the regulation, including:

  • License categories are simplified and placed in a table format at the front of the regulation;
  • Doors are included as part of Windows and Siding specialty license category;
  • Language is included to address certain exemptions pertaining to certified building officials;
  • Language is included for expanded license renewal grace periods.

There is a lot of work to be achieved over the next few months. Therefore, there will be a phase-in period before regulations revisions will affect a licensee. During the phase-in period BBRS staff (in consultation with council members) will be afforded time to review and approve\deny education coordinators, course content and course instructors. The next step is to make applications available to interested parties and begin the review process for courses and instructors. This process has not yet begun. It is anticipated that applications will be available towards the latter quarter of 2010 with the process becoming effective in the early part of 2011.

Simultaneous to this effort, the Department of Public Safety (parent to the BBRS) is undergoing modifications to its electronic license tracking program (known as e-licensing). Expected software changes made during the e-licensing transition will significantly enhance the manner in which the Department receives and processes license data and other information. Construction supervisor continuing education requirements is an integral part of the new e-licensing program. Therefore, it is intended that CSL continuing education requirements will coincide with the implementation of the Department's new, e-licensing system.

Please visit this website over the coming months for further information regarding continuing education requirements as well as e-licensing system improvements.

The Board of Building Regulations and Standards wishes to recognize and thank each member of the Continuing Education Council who are identified below and who dedicated their efforts to this task as well as BBRS staff person Kim Spencer who coordinated all efforts on behalf of council members.


Robert Anderson Designee for DPS Commissioner
Elizabeth Kovach Home Builders Association of Massachusetts, Inc.
Scott Colwell Home Builders Association of Massachusetts, Inc.
Roger Gallagher National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Michael Mendoza Inspector of Buildings, Town of Carver
Walter White Local Inspector, Town of Brookline
James Andrews Fitchburg State College