The DRAFT Code language, presented below, are proposed front end amendments to the ICC International Residential Code-2009. These front end amendments are intended to be presented at BBRS Public Hearing (Building Code) on November 9, 2010 and Stakeholders are encouraged to review this DRAFT Code language and provide comment on same on or before the November 9, 2010 Public Hearing.

Additionally, the 7 Special regulations of the Building Code addressing Concrete Testing Laboratories, Concrete Test Technicians, the Modular Building Program, Native Lumber Producers, Construction Supervisor Licensing, HIC Registration (defaults to Office of Consumer Affairs) and Building Official Certification carried in the 8 th Edition Base Code will also be carried in the 8th Edition One- and Two-Family and Low-Rise Town House Building Code.

It is possible that modifications to this initial DRAFT may occur as this document moves to Public Hearing and any such modifications will be presented on the DPS web page.

Additionally, Stakeholders seeking to file independent Code changes to the 8th Edition One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code, must do so no later than 60 days before the November 9, 2010 Public Hearing.

IRC 2009 Master File MA Amendments August 13, 2010 doc format of    inf_bbrs_irc_09_master_file_ma_amendments_aug13_10  (242kb)