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  • Special Amusement Buildings and the Upcoming Halloween Season docx format of 			Special Amusement Buildings and the Upcoming Halloween

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    Halloween is traditionally a time of fun for children and adults alike, but it can also present serious risks for those constructing haunted houses or "fun houses" which may run afoul of the Massachusetts State Building Code.

    The series of storms Massachusetts has been receiving continue to present a variety of challenges. Following are a number of important helpful tips to consider regarding the dangers of roof collapses, power outages and traveling. Read more...
  • DPS Response to Hurricane Sandy docx format of 			DPS Response to Hurricane Sandy Revised.docx

  • PowerPoint Presentation on Proposed Hoisting Regulation Changes pptx format of 			PowerPoint Presentation on Proposed Hoisting Regulation

  • DPS Assists with Aftermath of Springfield Explosion

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    On Friday, November 23, 2012, Department of Public Safety (DPS) Commissioner, Thomas Gatzunis, was informed of an explosion that had rocked a downtown section of Springfield.  The blast sent glass, bricks and other debris flying across a congested part of the city.  Fortunately, there were relatively few injuries and no deaths attributed to the incident; the area in and around the source of the explosion had been evacuated about an hour before the blast due to the report of a gas odor.

  • 521 CMR - Temporary Overnight Shelters

    The language of the new section 521 CMR 3.10.1 requires that effective February 15, 2012, ...temporary overnight shelters, as defined in 780 CMR, shall provide at a minimum, an accessible entrance and an accessible toilet room in compliance with 521 CMR Sections 25 and 30, regardless of whether other work is performed or a change of use occurs. This change has been recently been approved as an emergency regulation change to coincide with current language in recent amendments to 780 CMR. Read More...