Building Safety Month


May, 2014


Building Safety: Maximizing Resilience, Minimizing Risks.


When you enter a home or other building, most likely you’re not thinking about whether it is properly constructed and safe.  Fortunately, your local safety experts think about building safety and fire prevention every day.  To help raise awareness of building safety, the Department of Public Safety is celebrating Building Safety Month and Governor Patrick has joined others across the nation in declaring May, 2014 as Building Safety Month.    Proclamation pdf format of Building Safety Month 2014
   During the month, the commonwealth will promote the use and understanding of building safety and fire prevention codes that protect lives and property.  

“The important work we do is often overlooked until a disaster occurs.”  “When building safety and fire prevention experts inspect buildings during and after construction, we help ensure that the places where we live, learn, work and play are safe” reminds Thomas G. Gatzunis, Department of Public Safety Commissioner.  

Building safety and fire prevention codes address all aspects of construction, such as structural soundness of buildings, reliability of fire prevention and suppression systems, plumbing and mechanical systems, and energy efficiency and sustainability.  To ensure buildings are safe requires the active participation of building safety and fire prevention officials, architects, builders, engineers, and others in the construction industry, as well as property owners.

“Public safety is our number one concern,” said Commissioner Gatzunis. “During Building Safety Month and all year long, building safety and fire prevention officials help protect you and your community throughout the commonwealth.

 Building Safety Week (now Building Safety Month) was first observed in 1980 and is sponsored by the International Code Council (ICC).  The overall premise this year is Building Safety: Maximizing Resilience, Minimizing Risks.  The weekly themes are: 

  1. Week 1: Fire Safety - Code Officials: Keep Fire in Its Place;
  2. Week 2: Disaster Safety - Code Officials: Helping Homeowners Weather the Storm;
  3. Week 3: Outdoor Safety: Decks, Pools - Code Officials: Surround Your House with Safety;
  4. Week 4: Energy - Code Officials: Building a Brighter More Efficient Tomorrow.

 Please join us in helping to promote this year’s important building safety message.


 Thomas G. Gatzunis, Commissioner

Department of Public Safety