Cost and Effectiveness of Building Code Requirements

The BBRS has issued two preliminary papers on the cost and effectiveness of building code requirements.  This first paper examines fire protection systems in 3 to 6 unit residential buildings: White Paper Cost and Effectiveness Fire Protection Systems 05 13 2014 MS Word docx format of White Paper_Cost_&_Effectiveness_Fire_Protection_System
which has active links or White Paper Cost and Effectiveness Fire Protection Systems 05 13 2014 PDF pdf format of White Paper_Cost_&_Effectiveness_Fire_Protection_System
file size 1MB which does not.  This study was the outcome of recent actions taken by the BBRS.  In November 2013, the BBRS directed its Department of Public Safety (DPS) Staff to determine if fire protection, specifically sprinkler requirements, were being installed in existing multi-unit residential building renovations at the same ‘rate’ since 2010 compared to 2009 and earlier.  The results of the study, which were reviewed in December 2013, showed that sprinkler installations were installed at a high rate since 2010, which was the inception of the current edition of the building code.  However, the study revealed additional issues including inconsistent code requirements and enforcement, variation in cost of construction, and a wide disparity in construction activity across the seven municipalities that contributed to the study. Consequently, in January 2014, the BBRS directed DPS to address these issues in a White Paper.

In addition, the BBRS has received feedback on energy conservation requirements and directed DPS Staff to also study this topic for 3 to 6 unit residential buildings:   White Paper Cost and Effectiveness Energy Conservation Systems 05 13 2014 MS Word docx format of White Paper_Cost_&_Effectiveness_Energy_Conservation_Sy
with active links and White Paper Cost and Effectiveness Energy Conservation Systems 05 13 2014 PDF pdf format of White Paper_Cost_&_Effectiveness_Energy_Conservation_Sy

Both papers provide conclusions and recommendations for the BBRS to consider.  The BBRS seeks public comment which can be forwarded to  617-826-5215.  Revisions to these papers are expected as public comment is received.

Public Comment:

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_BFPR_Robinson pdf format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_BFPR_Robinson.pdf

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_FPFP doc format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_FPFP.doc

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_DFS_Coan_1 docx format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_DFS_Coan_1.docx

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_DFS_Coan_2 docx format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_DFS_Coan_2.docx

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_FPAM_Pizzi pdf format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_FPAM_Pizzi.pdf

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_Haagensen doc format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_Haagensen.doc

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_NFPA_Shannon pdf format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_NFPA_Shannon.pdf

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_NFSA_Dewar pdf format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Con_NFSA_Dewar.pdf

White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Neutral_ICC_Johnson pdf format of White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Neutral_ICC_Johnson.pdf

/ White_Paper_Fire_Protection_Neutral_Fleming doc format of White Paper Fire Protection Con Fleming 06_28_14.doc

White Paper Fire Protection Con DFS Rodrique:

White Paper Energy Conservation Neutral Hagen doc format of White_Paper_Energy_Conservation_Neutral_Hagen.doc

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