Massachusetts State Athletic Commission (MSAC)

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Welcome to the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission Website.
The Commission is charged with the regulation of all professional and amateur boxing, mixed martial arts, and unarmed combat events. All professional and amateur events must be licensed by the Commission. 

Amateur Sanctioning

All amateur events must be licensed by the State Athletic Commission. In order to be issued a license, the event promoter must complete and submit an application for event licensure.

All amateur events must also be sanctioned by an approved amateur sanctioning body. Once approved, documentary proof of the sanction must be attached to the application for licensure from the State Athletic Commission. Once an event is sanctioned by an amateur sanctioning organization and licensed by the State Athletic Commission, it will be supervised by the amateur sanctioning organization. The event must be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the sanctioning organization. The following organizations have been approved to sanction and supervise amateur events:

Boxing Mixed Martial Arts

USA Boxing MA State Athletic Commission

(link to

Applications for Participant License

For information regarding pursuit of the State Athletic Commission, click on link below.

License Applications are for: Boxing, MMA, and Unarmed Combat

Fighter Application pdf format of sac_fighter_application_feb_2017.pdf

Manager pdf format of sac_manager_application_feb_2016.pdf

Trainer pdf format of appl_sac_trainer_feb_2016.pdf

Second pdf format of appl_sac_second_feb_2016.pdf

Promoter pdf format of sac_promoter_application_feb_2016.pdf

Matchmaker pdf format of sac_matchmaker_application_feb_2016.pdf

Physician pdf format of sac_ringside_physician_application_feb_2016.pdf

Referee pdf format of sac_referee_application_feb_2016.pdf

Judge pdf format of sac_judge_application_feb_2016.pdf

Time Keeper pdf format of sac_timekeepers_application_feb_2016.pdf

Deputy Commissioner pdf format of sac_deputy_application_feb_2016.pdf

Federal Identification Card (Boxing Only) pdf format of appl_sac_boxing_abc_fed_id

Fight Card and Pro Debut Applications

Attention Matchmakers: All proposed and final cards must be submitted on our official fight card form.

For debut forms, please see Fighter Application.

SAC - Laws and Regulations



SAC - Commission Members

Matt LebrettonChair
Guy Licciardi (Designee)Commissioner
Paul KargerCommissioner
Patrick BradleyCommissioner
Rod WalkeyCommissioner

If you wish to contact a member of the Commission, please direct all communication through the MSAC Office.


Direct: 508-422-1957 - Jen Fraga, Program Coordinator

Event License Application

License Descriptions Forms

MSAC Advisories


June 8, 2015 Unskilled Fighters pdf format of msac_advisory_unskilled_fighers.pdf

June 8, 2015 Cooling off Period for Referees pdf format of msac_advisory_one_year_between_fight_and_refferee_appli

October 8, 2015 Event Venue Conditions pdf format of msac_advisory_venue_conditions_2.pdf

Commission Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Commission Meeting Schedule and Minutes