The Massachusetts State Athletic Commission ("Commission") was established by statute effective March 1, 2010. The Commission, which replaced the State Boxing Commission, was granted jurisdiction over the regulation of the sports of boxing, mixed martial arts, and other forms of unarmed combat. The new Commission immediately set out to replace the old boxing regulations with an enhanced, modern set of regulations. The Commission accomplished this fete when on March 12, 2010 it enacted a full set of regulations by emergency vote. The regulations, which were modeled after those in effect in the state of Nevada, cover all topics relevant to the regulation of the aforementioned sports from licensing to discipline to the rules of engagement. The emergency regulations may be downloaded by visiting the Commission's webpage: here

All forms and applications may be downloaded from the Commission's webpage:

All inquiries should be addressed to the Commission's administrators:

Ronnie Drimer at and or Jen Cobis at