The following is a list of notices, by date of publication, for proposed Department of Public Safety regulations. Click on a link to view the corresponding notice and proposed red-line of the regulation.

All persons interested in submitting comments on the proposed regulations may do so in writing by the date indicated in the notice. Refer to the full notice for the mailing address for submitting comments. Agencies are not required to respond to comments; however, all comments received by the date indicated in the notice will be reviewed and considered.

The date published is the date the notice appeared in the newspaper and marks the beginning of the 21-day public comment period, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, § 3.

520 CMR 5.00:    Amusement Devices

Notice of Public Hearing: 520 CMR 5.00 - March 10, 2016 at 9AM pdf format of notice-amusement-public-hearing-03-10-2016

520 CMR 5.00 - Amusement Devices (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of 520 CMR-5.00-Amusement Devices-Redline-Dec 11 15

520 CMR 6.00:    Hoisting Machinery

Notice of Public Hearing: 520 CMR 6.00 - September 12, 2016 at 1PM pdf format of eng-notice-of-public-hearing-hoisting-sep16

520 CMR 6.00: Hoisting Machinery (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of eng-520-cmr- 6-redline-draft-sep16
file size 1MB

520 CMR 16.00:    Enforcement of Civil Fines for Expired Elevator Certificates

Notice of Public Hearing: 520 CMR 16.00 - July 25, 2016 at 11AM pdf format of elev-notice-of-public-hearing-civil-fines-jul16

520 CMR 16.00: Enforcement of Civil Fines for Expired Elevator Certificates (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of 520-cmr-16-enforcement-of-civil-fines-for-expired-elev

521 CMR:    Architectural Access Board (AAB Code)

There are no proposed 521 CMR: Architectural Access Board (AAB Code) regulations at this time.

522 CMR:    Board of Boiler Rules

522 CMR Board of Boiler Rules (Effective 09/16/2016)

523 CMR:    State Athletic Commission (MSAC)

801 CMR 4.02: Fees for Licenses, Permits, and Services to be Charged by State Agencies (523) pdf format of msac-fee-changes-redline-public-comment-oct16

Notice of Public Hearing: 523 CMR - October 13, 2016 at 11AM pdf format of Notice of Public Hearing - MSAC.pdf

523 CMR: State Athletic Commission (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of 523 CMR redline, combined (6-2-16).pdf
file size 1MB

523 CMR: Medical Advisory Board (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of 523 CMR 6 redline 8 4 16 MAB recommendations.pdf

524 CMR:    Board of Elevator Regulations (Elevator Code)

Notice of Public Hearing: 524 CMR - August 22, 2016 at 11AM pdf format of elev-notice-of-public-hearing-elevator-code-aug16

524 CMR: Board of Elevator Regulations (Elevator Code) (Proposed Red-line Regulation) pdf format of proposed-524-cmr-05232016

780 CMR:    State Board of Building Regulations and Standards (Building Code) Link to 2015 I-Codes

MA Amendments to the Base Volume pdf format of bbrs base_code_amendments_revised 2 14 17.pdf
file size 2MB (including all figures, tables, and special regulations) 

MA Amendments to the Residential Volume pdf format of bbrs residential_code_amendments_revised as of 2 14 17.
file size 1MB