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Area of Representation

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Term Expires

Chad G. Hunter, Chairman, Plymouth

Harbormaster – South of Boston 2

November 2017

Rosemary Lesch, Vice-Chairman, Rockport

Harbormaster – North of Boston 2

October 2017

Gregg Fraser, Clerk, Falmouth

Harbormaster – Cape and Islands 1

August 2017

Charles Blair

Harbormaster – Cape and Islands 2

January 2018

Joseph Cheevers, Boston

Harbormaster – City of Boston

October 4, 2015

William McHugh, Salem

Harbormaster – North of Boston 1

May 2019

Robert Gillan, Quincy

Harbormaster – South of Boston 1

December 2017

Sergeant Robert Akin, Environmental Police

MA Environmental Police


Lt. James Concannon, State Police

State Police Marine Unit


Dan Zivkovich, Municipal Police Training Committee



U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard First District