To request grant funds from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's (EOPSS) Highway Safety Division, please return a one page letter of intent signed by the agency or organization senior manager/executive with contact information and attach a response, recommended to be no more than seven pages, to the ten questions below to:

Bob Kearney, Program Manager
EOPSS-Highway Safety Division
10 Park Plaza, Suite 3720
Boston, MA 02116

If possible, please also send your request via e-mail to

Your response will be used to foster initial discussions between the EOPSS-Highway Safety Division and potential traffic safety and public health partners to reduce the loss of life, injury and property damage due to highway crashes in the Commonwealth. The EOPSS-Highway Safety Division will contact all respondents for follow-up discussions. The EOPSS-Highway Safety Division reserves the right to request additional information to enhance the response from any applicant. If a project concept is considered for funding, a 30-day public procurement process must take place after approval from the federal funding sources. This process may take up to several months to complete.

Special consideration will be given to those requesting funding in the following areas:

  • Projects that indicate strong public/private partnerships where EOPSS-Highway Safety Division funds leverage private resources to accomplish program objectives.
  • Innovative projects with potential statewide applications or ability to transfer to other jurisdictions.
  • Projects that are considered "best practices" by state and federal funding sources. Recommended sources for these are Countermeasures That Work, 8th Edition (2015)  or CDC's "Community Guide."
  • Support major goals of the EOPSS-Highway Safety Division.

Please respond to the following in no more than seven pages:

1. What is your statement of the traffic safety/public health problem to be addressed? Include available state or local data and source(s).

2. What is the project goal and its objectives?

3. Summarize your planned activities and procedures. Indicate primary and secondary audiences.

4. What is your line item budget? Indicate soft (in-kind) match - typical minimum is 20% of total project cost.

5. What is the timeframe for implementation and indicate milestones

6. What are the criteria to measure success? Provide, if available, benchmarks and performance measures.

7. What will be the evaluation method used?

8. Who are your public/private sector partners, including funding partnerships?

9. Can you guarantee non-supplanting of federal funds for this project?

10. What is the plan for project continuation beyond the grant funding?

If you have any questions or need special assistance with this information, please contact Bob Kearney at