CapTel CapTel

Categories: Deaf, Hard of Hearing

Brand: Ultratec

The CapTel phone works like any other telephone with one important addition: it shows captions of everything the other party says during a phone call. You can listen to the caller and can also read written captions in the CapTel display window.

Captions are provided by a free service that connects to the call.
Calls you make are automatically connected to the Captioning Service to provide captions.
Incoming callers dial the service first, then enter your phone number in order for you to get captions.*
Adjustable font sizes and colors
Phone book to store frequently called numbers (95+ names)
Easy access to voice mail and answering machine messages.
Works just like a standard phone for people who do not need captions.
* If used in 2-Line Mode (optional), callers can dial your phone number directly.

CapTel is for a very specific audience and will not work for everyone. The person that can benefit the most is:

A person who is late deafened but is very familiar with using voice carry over relay.
A person with some residual hearing that needs amplification and then the reinforcement of reading the captions.
A person that can cope with the redundancy of both hearing the voice of the person talking and then seeing the captions come across the screen a few seconds later.
A person that fully understands that this is a relay service and that there is a third party involved.


Analog telephone line(s). DSL supported if appropriate filter in place. Not compatible with PBX systems unless analog port available. Not designed for use with digital cable or VOIP telephone services.**
Standard electrical power (AC adapter plugs into standard wall outlet).
** People who use digital cable or VOIP telephone service should consider the CapTel 800i which supports these telephone services. Please be advised that the CapTel 800i i is not offered through the MassEDP program.