UA Handset/Headset Ampflier UA50 Handset/Headset Amplifier

Categories: Deaf, Hard of Hearing

Brand: Serene Innovations

UA-50 Universal Handset/Headset Telephone Amplifier. This unique amplifier is compatible with virtually any modular connected phone system. UA-50 is the only product of its kind that amplifies sounds for both handset and headset. It enhances the clarity and increases incoming volume (up to 170 times) for louder and clearer conversations.

Power source 9 volt alkaline battery (Not Included)
Battery consumption 10 ma typical; automatic shut-off if there is no voice for more than 15 seconds
Battery life 6-12 months depending on usage
Amplification without Boost 30 dB
Amplification with Boost 45 dB
Auto shut off time (to save battery)
8-15 seconds if no sound or voice
Compatibility switch (6 positions) + a "by-pass" position
Indicators ON / OFF, and BOOST
Controls Volume, BOOST, Headset, Headset
Mic, Tone Control, and Compatibility
DC adapter 9 vdc. 200 ma
Operating temperature 0 to 45 degree C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 degree C