MassEDP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you have any other equipment in your program like doorbells, fire alarms, etc?
No. This program is strictly related to residential adaptive telephone devices.

Can we get two phones?
The MassEDP allows each member of the program to receive only one adaptive telephone device.

Can someone come to my house because I have no family close and I don't drive because I'm 96 years old?
If you require a home visit because of your disability one will be provided. If we cannot provide a home visit or if you would prefer the equipment be sent to your home we will do so at no cost.

Can I get a walk around phone (aka cordless)?
Yes, cordless phones are part of most equipment packages.

Do I just plug it in?
Most phones work just like a regular residential phone however assistance will be provided by one of our trained specialists at the time of distribution.

Can I hook my Lifeline up to it?
Yes. In many cases your new EDP provided telephone will simply replace your existing telephone.

Does it have an answering service (machine)?
Some of our models do have answering machines but not all of them.

Can I upgrade my phone since I have had it for over a year?
A new phone can be obtained if there is a change within your disability or if your current phone breaks outside the warranty period.

What types of phones do you have?
There is a wide variety of phones to choose from. One of our staff will help you choose a phone that is appropriate for you.

Is there a fee for this program?
There is no fee to join the program and in most cases there is no cost for the equipment. A member of our staff will review any potential costs with you prior to equipment distribution. For more information regarding any potential equipment fees please refer to the MassEDP application process.

What do I need to do to get my phone?
Once your application has been approved one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you to set up a distribution plan. Based on your disability the phone can be picked up at one of our regional locations, it can be shipped directly to your home or one of our Field Advisors will make a home visit.

What color is the phone how big are they?
The telephones vary in terms of size and color.

How do I apply for a phone?
You can download an application from our website or you can call 800-300-5658 and an application will be mailed to you.

Is this a cell phone?
No this is for residential wire line service only.

Can I bring it with me when I move?
Yes. The phone belongs to you so you can take it with you if you move. However the warranty is only valid while you reside in Massachusetts.