Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

Application Process

You can obtain an application for the EDP program by downloading pdf format of Mass EDP Application (Revised6_10).pdf
file size 1MB it or you can call our office at 800-300-5658 Voice/TTY.
Fill out all of the information on the application bring the completed form to your doctor so they can certify your disability.
Once you have completed the form and it has been signed by your doctor return the application to one of the Commissions listed below based on your disability.


As long as an individual resides in Massachusetts and has a permanent disability that affects the use of a telephone in their home, she or he can participate in the program. A person who is blind or deaf/blind or has a cognitive or motion disability is eligible for free installation. A MassEDP agent visits the home, presents a selection of products, and provides instruction for using the telephone. All others can obtain their equipment by visiting one of our many regional sites or by mail.


  • You must be a resident of Massachusetts
  • Your permanent disability needs to be verified by a Massachusetts licensed Physician, Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, Ophthalmologist/Optometrist, or Neuropsychologist.
  • You must have access to residential telephone service (land line)
  • Your disability must be certified by one of the following commissions based on the type of disability:

If your primary disability is Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Mobility, Vision, Speech, Cognitive then you must submit your application to:

Massachusetts Commission for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Case Management Department
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

If your primary disability is legally blind or deaf/blind then you must submit your application to:

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

Once your disability is certified by the appropriate commission a representative from our office will contact you to set up an appointment to receive your equipment.

If you have any questions regarding this program or the application process please call the customer service center at 800-300-5658 V/TTY or email massedp@state.ma.us