MassRelay HIPAA Policy


Call with Confidence

We want people with hearing or speech disabilities to call with confidence, knowing that their private information will stay private. When you make a phone call through MassRelay, the operator who relays the conversation keeps every word confidential. This is true for all relay calls, but it is especially important for conversations between health care professionals and their patients.

You can be sure that any personal medical information you share on a relay call is safe. The confidentiality of your medical information is assured by the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal privacy policy allows health care providers, such as doctors, to speak privately with patients who rely on an operator to relay their phone calls.

Some health professionals may be concerned about sharing sensitive information when a third-party operator is listening in. However, relay calls and relay operators are covered under HIPAA. The law requires all operators to keep everything they hear strictly confidential. Operators must also follow certain procedures to prevent the misuse of a relay caller's personal health information.

Relay operators take your privacy very seriously. They even sign a legal agreement to protect your privacy, not only while an employee of MassRelay but long after. These are some of the promises they make for you:

All calls will be 100% confidential.

No information from a call will be recorded or saved.

Information heard during a relay call will not be used personally or repeated to others.

Conversations will be relayed word for word unless ASL translation is requested.

Personal opinions will not be inserted into the conversation by the operator.

Operators understand the privacy laws and importance of following the rules, but beyond that, they have integrity and take personal pride in their trusted positions. They would never mention to others your name or the names of the people you call. They would never talk to others about what was discussed on your call. And they would never reveal your personal medical information to anyone. That's how operators earn your confidence with every relay call.