What is MassRelay?

MassRelay is a free service for the residents of Massachusetts. It enables people who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, or speech disabled to communicate over the phone.

Is this for me?
If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability, MassRelay is for you. A TTY is simply a telephone with a keyboard and screen-a text telephone. With a TTY you can type and read conversations. Our Relay Operators read aloud what you type for the hearing person you've called, then type their response back to you. Stay in touch with your friends and family, make a business call, set a doctor's appointment, or even order a pizza!

Free. Simple. Confidential.

MassRelay is a free service available 24 hours a day. You only pay for any long distance charges. You have the freedom to communicate with anyone who has a telephone. All calls are confidential.

How do I get a TTY?


Massachusetts Equipment Distribution join in logo

Contact the Massachusetts Equipment
Distribution Program to find out if you qualify
for free or low-cost equipment by calling
1-800-300-5658. Learn more about

How do I make a call?


Using your TTY, call MassRelay at 711 or 800-439-2370. Español: 866-930-9252

• The Relay Operator answers and types "NUMBER PLS GA." Type the area code and phone number of the person you are calling. Example: 508-555-1234 GA. "GA" stands for "go ahead," meaning you are finished typing and it is the other person's turn.
• The operator will connect the call and type what is said when the phone is answered. When you see the "GA", start typing your conversation. Type "GA" when you are ready for the other person's response. The operator will read what you type then type everything the other person says.
• You don't have to be a technical whiz! It's an easy, step-by-step process. You'll be making calls in no time.

Make things easier with Caller Preferences
To make calls easier and faster, customize your call preferences. The Relay Operator can use your Caller Preferences every time you make a call. You can:
• connect your call faster
• add people who you call often to your speed dial
• customize your call greetings
• select your long distance carrier, and more
Set your preferences online or by calling 800-720-3480 (TTY).

Calling Tips
• Wait for the Relay Operator identification before you begin to type.
• Provide the area code and phone number with any special instructions, such as a name, extension or department, at the beginning of the call.
• Provide any instructions for the call in parentheses. Example: (OPR PLS REDIAL) or (OPR SOUND UPSET).
• Use common abbreviations and no punctuation.
• Press the space bar before typing to avoid garbling.
• Try typing "AAA111" to clear garbling.
• Type complex words or names you would like the operator to spell out by using spaces between each letter. Example: "BYETTA….B Y E T T A."
• Correct typing errors by typing "xxx" and then the corrected word.
• Wait for the message "PERSON HUNG UP GA" before giving the next number to call.
• If you know you will reach an answering machine, you can type your message before the Relay Operator dials the phone number.
• If you call to check your answering machine messages, you can type your access numbers before the Relay Operator dials the phone number.
• Call Customer Service if you have questions or comments about your call: 800-720-3480 (TTY).