Recovering from a disaster can be a long and gradual process. This section offers some general advice on steps to take after disaster strikes in order to begin getting your home, your community and your life back to normal.

Recover Safely

First and foremost it is important to keep your family safe while you begin to clean-up, make repairs and recover from the damages. This includes maintaining both physical and mental well-being during the recovery process.

Help your Community

There are several ways to that you can help your community recover from a disaster. This includes donating responsibility and finding volunteer opportunities.

Protect Yourself

While communities come together to recover from disasters, they also, unfortunately, can provide an opportunity for criminals and scam artists to prey on survivors. It is important to understand what to watch out for, avoid, and report to the proper authorities.  

Disaster Assistance   

If assistance is available, knowing how to access it makes the process faster and less stressful. Depending on the disaster, there may be low-interest loans or federal grants that could assist in the recovery effort.