The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has partnered with the non-profit, Business Network of Emergency Resources (BNET) to implement the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is the first state to adopt CEAS as a statewide program.

CEAS is a post-disaster business continuity program that facilitates travel and access into restricted areas for key private sector personnel and resources through the use of a common credential.  The program provides a simple means of identification -- a centrally issued, pre-authorized secure credential which is issued to a limited number of employees of eligible companies and organizations.  The CEAS card facilitates travel through, or into restricted areas if local authorities determine that such travel or access is safe and will not impede public safety response operations.  It is the only ID-based access program recognized by Massachusetts state and local enforcement and emergency management agencies.

Disasters and emergencies can significantly impact critical business systems and operations and affect the availability of essential commodities and services that are provided by the private sector, such as power, fuel, food, water, prescription medication, transportation, financial services, health care, and social services.  The goal of the CEAS program is to help ensure the availability and continuity of these essential systems, commodities and services by allowing critical private sector employees rapid access to their facilities following disasters and emergency events.  Participating businesses receive CEAS credentials for employees who need to support critical business operations and support disaster recovery efforts.  These critical employees can quickly get back to work, assess damages, retrieve assets, stabilize and sustain core IT systems, and ensure their companies’ continuity and recovery operations.

CEAS is administered by BNET and is available via a fee-based annual subscription to eligible businesses and organizations across Massachusetts.  To enroll, or learn more about the Corporate Emergency Access System, visit

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